My first Mac

As private use I only own Apple products. As a System Administrator what my profession is I really don’t own any Windows systems at all. The only Microsoft product I use is an XBOX 360 Slim edition.

In 1998 I first met an Apple product in a electronics store. The iMac G4 With an powerPC processor and 128MB memory running OS 9. To get people know what apple could do the set up two iMac’s both connected to the internet and a local network connected to each other. With the game QUAKE installed and running. It was fun to get in my lunch time to the store and play a game on it. But never noticed it further. Cause we had a Compaq Presario System with Windows 98 installed on it and some games.
Back in 2007 I went for a holiday to Orlando Florida, where I first met the iPhone. I was amazed about the user inteface of the iPhone. Apple did what all other mobile phone manufactures tried. To create a mobile device that could call, use as a music device, get on the internet and also keep you mail, calendar and contacts in sync with your other devices such as your computer. The other companies had there own OS or Windows Mobile 5 and 6 installed. With a user interface that used a stylus or your keypad. On that morning that I tried the iPhone I bought a more cheaper iPod nano. that was more affordable than a iPhone also the iPhone was branded and was not by default usable for dutch telephone companies at that time.
Six months later I went for the office to New York, to lead a project desktop replacements. All users if they had a new computer ore not, they will get a brand new HP desktop as replacement. We where there for more than a week and only worked for 2 day’s the other day’s we where there was for support as the new desktops have a brand new Windows XP installation on it with new kind of software. So some support calls where possible, and we needed to act fast enough to solve them. So between the support calls we went in to the city where we walked trough 5th av. where the flag store is of Apple. I went down again in a Apple store and there was a que. A Apple genius went to me and asked “are you here for an iPhone or a Mac?” My answer †was a MacBook Pro. the Guy behind me was asked the same question. he answered for the iPhone. the second question of the Apple Genius was how many. The guy told here for 10 iPhones. So the third question was asked. How many credit cards do you have. two he answered. The policy by Apple was max five iPhone’s a credit card. This cause the iPhone was so popular and only sold in the US that mostly iPhones where shipped abroad trough ebay. That day I was surprised how popular the iPhone was and even outside the US. As the where not official shipped to other countries. It was also the day that I bought my first Mac ever a MacBook Pro early 08 model with a core 2 duo Intel processor and 2 GB ram inside. 15″ model.
some moths later the new iPhone “iPhone 3G” was introduced to be shipped not only the US, but also some south american country’s as Europe. on July 11 was the first iPhone official soled to a lucky men that was in the queue for the iPhone in Rotterdam from 8 am in the morning 10 of july. I entered the queue from 5 PM. I was lucky number 102 that own a official iPhone in the Netherlands. Why?? Just cause I felt a year earlier in love with the design and GUI of the iPhone.
Because I have my second iPhone “iPhone 4” Ill hope Apple will introduce the new iPhone commonly know as iPhone 5 but there are rumours also spread by T-Mobile Netherlands that the new iPhone will called iPhone. No 5 behind the product, just clean and simple iPhone. like the third generation iPad. This was also done with the iPod’s I dont remembering that someone asked me “Do you have the iPod nano 3??” no they ask me “Do you got the new iPod Nano??” and yes this is from 5 years ago 🙂 so they asked me this a wile back. with the iPhone I dont have an iPod anymore.
Hopefully we will see the Last iPhone that Steve Jobs worked on as the rumours says. We will see and Ill will likely own that iPhone.. no matter it will called. iPhone 5 just iPhone or the new iPhone. most iPhone users will adapt and use it with great fun this amazing piece of device.