SCOM 2012 r2 VEEAM VMware integration

We all want statistics about how our environment is preforming and a head-up when problems could be occurs. We already monitor our Virtual Windows Server trough SCOM. That gives us some pretty good information about the status of our servers. But what about the HOST that have these Virtual Servers? Shoulded  we not monotor them also? What about the Host performance? Could we manage all these VM’s on these HOSTS or do we need to expand our environment?

All these questions could be answered by digging down in your HyperVisor and calculate these information manually thats fun if you have enough time to spend on digging in to all your hosts and vm’s to see if your resources are in balance. Because that is fairly time consuming there is a way to help you automate this for you.

Still even with the Veeam SCOM 2012 r2  Management Pack for VMWare and HyperV you still need to analyse the statistics your self 😉
The installation of the Veeam SCOM MP is quit easy to do.

Requirements Veeam Management Pack for System Center 2012 Version 7.0R2:
VMware Infrastructure
Hosts: ESX 4.X ESXi 4.X 5.X
Software vCenter 4.X, 5.X

Microsoft Ops Mgr
Microsoft Ops Mgr 2012 SP1
Microsoft Ops Mgr 2012 R2
Note: For system requirements for Ops Manager Server, see Microsoft Ops Mgr Documentation

Important: Veeam MP for VMware reporting only supports MSSQL Server 2008 SP3, MSSQL 2008 R2 Sp2 and MSSQL 2012 SP1 Reporting Service.

Veeam VMware Collector, VES Service and Virtaulization Extension UI.
Memory: Minimum of 4GB for X86 systems and 6GB X64 Systems
HDD required at least 2GB of free space
Processor 2x 2Ghz Minimun recommended
Windows Server 2012 r2 Recommended (Server 2012 Sp1 or Server 2008 R2)
.NET FrameWork 4.0 or later.

My installation is a 2 Management Ops Server setup and a separate SQL Server.
The collector server is a singel- server installation with means that I have all features (Collector Service, VES Service and Virtualisation Extension UI) installed on one server. This is recommended for lab environments or small environments like mine.

Before you start make sure

  • SCOM agent is deployed to the server and proxy enabled, since I already have an installation in place
  • The installation account is local administrator on the collector server
  • The service account under which the collector server will run is local administrator on the collector server
  • Make sure all UI from the nworks MP are closed
  • Check your permissions of the Veeam service account.
  • The detailed required ports and network requirements for the MP.